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Slides & Ladders: Family Game

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Nothing says ‘quality time’ like playing a family board game with your kids. ‘Slides & Ladders’ is the mobile version of the classic ‘Snakes & Ladders’ game, with a few new twists. It is fun for children of all ages!Tired of seeing everyone playing separately in their own devices? Don’t you wish you could bring the whole family TOGETHER over a fun game that everyone can enjoy?
‘Slides & Ladders’ delivers a wonderful ‘family time’ experience, at home or on-the-go.
Use your phone or tablet to set the game up and take turns with the spinner.
– Up to 4 players (you can play against a robot)– 3 difficulty levels, to control how long the game may take to complete– Pinch zoom and drag to explore the board
The game is so easy and fun. The first one to the top, wins!
NEW TWISTS, POWERUPS & POWERDOWNS:– Catch the skateboard for 2X !– Watch out for the barking dog!– Float up in the magic bubble!– Oh, no! Thunder, lose a turn…
With ‘Slides & Ladders’, it’s never over till it’s over. It can be anybody’s game. Make it yours.
About TipitapTipitap seeks to reinvent traditional children activities, games and toys for a touchscreen world. Their award-winning products unleash the potential of the new technologies on touchscreen devices, weaving together family fun with educational concepts. The result is effective, enriching and fun learning experiences.